Who We

Chief of Staff, LLC’s core philosophy to provide all employees with an environment conducive for personal and professional development, is of our main concern.  The environment offers an employee the opportunity to become the kind of individual that attracts success.  

Chief of Staff, LLC’s goal for each employee is for them to develop the leadership skills and the self-confidence that is required to grow into a well-rounded employee and an overall better contributor to the Company, their family and their community. In offering employees’ flexible options to work when and where they want to work, Chief of Staff, LLC hopes to be that vehicle for success.

How We Do

  • Seeking Passionate Employee’s
  • Requires all Employees to upload and complete all necessary onboarding requirements in Paycom  
  • Passes Preliminary Screening 
  •  Employee is provided all Orientation Information 
  • Any required videos and material are watched and signed off on
  • Employee is informed as to the Standards of Conduct, Policies, Procedures, and Company Philosophies 
  • One on One personal development opportunities are available 
  • Accurate feedback on performance is provided 
  • The ability to be trained to further develop skill set throughout employment is available 
  • Opportunity to Grow into additional positions are available 
  • Lead and Captain training’s and promotions are among some of the growth avenues
  • Reviews and Raises are rewarded to those demonstrating consistency, punctuality, and continued performance
  • Direct Deposit Available!
  • Personal Paycom Login & Smartphone App
  • Access to view Tax information and W-2’s, address information and resources 

What We

Chief of Staff, LLC offers opportunities to work when you want to work and where you want to work, while cultivating employees who have a passion for the industry, understands the company’s philosophies, and has and/or acquires the appropriate skills necessary for success as a Chief of Staff, LLC Employee

Direct Deposit

Work One Day - and your pay goes straight into your account at the end of the Payroll Cycle

Make Your Own Schedule

Set your own schedule! Per Diem and Flexible Work Available!

Best Places to Work

We work with some of the best places in the Tri-State Area!

Sport and Concert Arenas, Prestigious Universities, Luxury Banquet Facilities and Corporate and VIP Events to name a few!

Competitive Pay

We strive to offer competitive industry rates. Even those who are inexperienced will still never receive minimum wage

Travel Incentives

Travel applied to most shifts if over 25 Miles from your home!

Legacy Referral Program

Rewards for Referrals!

Apply now and receive a step by step on how to benefit from this Program! Live Social Recruitment Opportunities for those you know who may be interested in Work opportunities!

Growth Opportunities & Mentorship Available

All experience levels welcome

Training Provided, Lead and Captain Opportunities, Work with Top Industry Managers to further develop your skills

Positive & Motivating Work Enviorments

Be prepared in uniform, on time, and with a positive attitude, and you will succeed with Chief of Staff!

Annual Staff Events

Annual staff appreciation events with the Chief of Staff, LLC team!

Talent Assembly, Annual Hospitality Games, Regional Training Opportunities, Certification Classes

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Phil Jackson


Chief Of Staff, LLC employees are available to work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  Our policy for overtime is time and one-half for employees working over forty hours in one week.  Our holiday pay policy is time and one-half for Federal holidays, as defined below:

  • New Years’ Eve
  • New Years’ Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Christmas Day

What the client receives from Chief of Staff, LLC is Talent who has a passion for the industry, understands the company’s philosophies, and is equipped with the appropriate skill set for success! If you are looking for skillful, loyal, and hardworking support, then Chief of Staff, LLC is the agency for you. 

Through providing an equal opportunity for all and consistently striving for a Win (employee), Win (client), Win (company) outcome in all circumstances, and by offering constant training and mentorship for the employee, Chief of Staff, LLC is able to provide dedicated, sincere, and unequivocal hospitality service to its community and client.