Chief of Staff, LLC Our Story

Once Upon A Time...
Chief of Staff, LLC was founded and established the mission to revolutionize the Hospitality Industry for the better, forever.
Everyday; the founding members and it’s core team exerted every effort to achieve this mission.
Until One Day; Chief of Staff, LLC’s exertions established contractual partnerships with the world’s largest Food Service Companies.
Because Of That; Chief of Staff, LLC examined the challenges faced by these Food Service Companies, the work-opportunities within the communities they resided, and methods on how to make substantial improvements. The Chief of Staff team worked unconditionally to generate solutions for them.
Because Of That; doors of opportunity to service new Food Service Companies, and ultimately offer greater work-opportunities to local communities, began to rapidly open.
Until One Day; with the support of the entire Chief of Staff team, Chief of Staff, LLC successfully serviced their Food Service Clients, positively impacted the communities they resided, and ultimately transformed the industry for the better, forever, together.
What does “Change the industry for the better forever” mean?

Achieve gender equality and empower all women
Sustainable economic growth for all
Environments that encourage one to speak up and provide an outlet to speak up
Environments conducive for the development and growth of one’s self
Adhering to “Service before Reward”
Efficient onboarding processes that produce and maintain full rosters
ALL Individuals have an equal opportunity for work
Safe working environments
Shared value for Customer, Company and Employee
The Client's Value Proposition
Receive the right person, at the right place, and at the right time-
The Talent-Employee’s Value Proposition
Work when you want to work, where you want to work
What problems need solving? Who do they affect? What are the typical results?
Resourcing challenges
Last minute staffing needs
Seasonal nature of the business
Work stoppages
Under-staffed new Food Service accounts

These all affect Food Service customers, shareholders, and associates. This recruiting and placement challenge results in using out of model-market vendors, working unqualified people, and increased labor costs; ultimately negatively affecting Food Service Companies' organic growth.
Chief of Staff can help positively affect the organic growth of Food Service Companies’ while providing concrete work-opportunities in local communities.
How Chief of Staff can assist in alleviating these resourcing challenges and support Food Service Companies' organic growth.
COS is an Equal Opportunity Employer
COS attracts the top Model Market Talent
COS uses Efficient Technology - work orders are accepted 24/7/365
COS Services accounts with Trained, Professional, Qualified, food services workers
COS Provides Managers and shift leads
COS Utilizes their proprietary Remote Recruiting Platform (RRP)
COS tracks client Feedback, allowing for consistent placement of the right staff
COS is Malleable, ready-to-deliver and an on-demand company
COS understands each Food Service Company requires Tailored Innovation Solutions.
Chief of Staff LLC Mission Statement
“Through providing an equal opportunity for all, and consistently striving for Win (employee), Win (client), and Win (Company) in all circumstances, and continuous training and mentorship for the employee, Chief of Staff is able to provide dedicated, sincere, unequivocal hospitality service to its community and client.”
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Through providing an equal opportunity for all and consistently striving for a Win (employee), Win (client), Win (company) outcome in all circumstances, and by offering constant training and mentorship for the employee, Chief of Staff, LLC is able to provide dedicated, sincere, and unequivocal hospitality service to its community and client.