Welcome to Chief of Staff, LLC, a leading Hospitality Support Agency, specializing in various staffing solutions and offering temporary to permanent opportunities. We excel in the recruitment and placement of food service personnel from every facet of the industry, while striving to provide rare commodities in business today: Honesty, Integrity, and Uncompromising Service.

Why Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff, LLC takes great pride in the high quality of our experienced staff and in the exceptional service we continue to provide to our clients. Having years of experience in labor assessment and placement, we are confident in supporting any hospitality need, we are the industries Fearless Leader in Hospitality Staffing.

In recent years, we have recognized National Standards rising to an unprecedented high in regard to the economy’s demand for peak performance, at all times, all awhile emphasizing minimal overhead and maximized production. We have strived to cater to these standards and needs by providing support with the right talent, at the right place, and at the right time, resulting in maximized productivity and performance.

In addition, allowing for our talent to work when they want to work, and where they want to work.

Business Benefits

  • Open and can Service 7 days a week!
  • Chief of Staff, LLC can service any size function
  • Company Culture strives for continuous motivation- Our talent is motivated and respected, in turn, producing the highest levels of customer service!
  • Chief of Staff, LLC Takes care of all necessary insurance (Liability and Workers Compensation)
  • Payroll, Taxes, and Fees covered by Chief of Staff, LLC
  • All Employees Background Checked
  • Reference Checked
  • DRUG Tested (Upon request with applicable fee)
  • Resulting in reduced client expenses in areas such as Advertising, Human Resource Efforts, and Unemployment Costs
  • Additional Business does not have to be turned away due to lack of staffing capabilities. Venues such as Catering companies, function facilities, convention centers, and other large or small facilities benefit from being able to call on reliable staffing alternatives
  • Quality Seasonal Assistance
  • Reduced risks of under or over staffing during peaks/dips throughout the year
  • Ability to recruit specific to a current need
  • Training Potential Employee costs are reduced
  • Reduced risk and costs associated with Business Expansion
  • There is a decrease in time-lag between job openings and fulfillment
  • Employee Costs reduced
  • If requiring a contingency plan, we are the first company to rely on to put your plan into action
  • All I-9 Requirements are fulfilled through Chief of Staff, LLC

Meet The

Bruce Hafford

Founder and President

Benjamin J. Hafford Sr.

Co-Founder and Vice President

Ed Lederman

Partner and Director of Sales and Collections

Courtney Lane

Billing and Payroll Specialist

Dana Kellier

Director of Operations

Ramon Dejesus

Director of Employee Relations

Michael Walker

Lead Event Manager

Jay Hathaway

Office Coordinator (Boston)

Amy Mase


Nick Levine

Lead Personnel Coordinator

Shondale Smith

Administrative Assistant

Samantha Dellone

Personnel Coordinator

Ariana Caruso


Scotia Bent

Personnel Coordinator

Stacey Lauraneos

Personnel Coordinator

Through providing an equal opportunity for all and consistently striving for a Win (employee), Win (client), Win (company) outcome in all circumstances, and by offering constant training and mentorship for the employee, Chief of Staff, LLC is able to provide dedicated, sincere, and unequivocal hospitality service to its community and client.